Prodigy Siding

Prodigy Siding

Why Install Prodigy Siding?

Today's selection of siding materials is anything but limited. From traditional brick and wood to modern metal and vinyl siding, there are countless options to consider when installing siding on a home. Prodigy siding uses innovative technology to create sustainable, efficient exteriors with an array of styles and accessories. Some of Prodigy's most notable features include

  • Exceptional R-value
  • Fade-resistant finish
  • Sustainable material composition
  • Variety of colors & accessories
  • Protection from severe weather
  • Noise reduction

What is R-value?

R-value, expressed as a number, is an industry term used to talk about the ability of a material to resist the flow of heat. In simpler terms, R-value represents the quality of insulation. A material's insulation capacity varies directly with the number, meaning the higher the R-value, the better the insulation. Prodigy's high R-value makes it a top-performing insulation material and an energy-efficient siding solution.

Energy efficiency reduces heating and cooling costs.

With less heat entering and escaping your home, you can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without breaking the bank every month. Prodigy produces siding with up to 1 ½" thick high-density insulation and interlocking panels, making it effective not only in seasonal thermal regulation, but in maintaining its efficiency, appearance, and value year-round.

Support and Stability

The Midwest is notorious for severe weather—summer thunderstorms can bring hail, downpours, and high-speed winds, while the winter months freeze the region with blizzards and frigid temperatures. Prodigy’s dense, insulated core and RigidLock panel design empowers it to resist the planet’s powerful elements. From the thunderclap of a lightning bolt to the rage of a cold front, Prodigy helps keep your home and your family safe and sound.

Sustainable materials preserve the global garden.

Synthetic and plentiful materials minimize harm to the environment while maximizing product quality. Prodigy advocates for environmental stewardship, sustainability, and preservation of the planet’s depleting resources. Its siding also requires virtually zero maintenance—no painting, sealing, staining, cleaning, or treating with toxic chemicals. Committed to reducing our global footprint, Prodigy offers a solution that fuses ethical and practical values into the structure of your home.

Long-lasting durability—and a warranty, just in case.

 Prodigy’s weather-tight design and TrueForm structure prevents fading and distortion in any climate. This also reduces costs in the long-term, preserving the aesthetic value and efficiency of your home’s exterior for at least a generation. If you’re still feeling skeptical, rest assured knowing that Prodigy also offers a lifetime limited warranty, just in case.

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