5 Common Misconceptions About Vinyl Windows

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5 Common Misconceptions About Vinyl Windows

If you’re in the market for windows, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about vinyl windows. While vinyl windows are a very popular option for many consumers, they sometimes get a bad rap. In fact, there are many common misconceptions floating around about them. At Yanish Custom Exteriors, we think it’s important to have all the facts when investing in new windows. So, we’re setting the record straight by debunking five of the most common misconceptions about vinyl windows.

#1 – Vinyl Windows Come in a Limited Number of Colors and Styles

When vinyl windows first became available, they were typically only found in white. However, no one really anticipated just how successful vinyl windows would be. As they continued to rise in popularity, more colors and styles were introduced. Now, they’re available in just about any color and style you can imagine. From casement vinyl windows to patio doors, finding a style that suits your needs is easier than ever.

Because vinyl is an extruded material, vinyl windows can also be customized to fit atypical designs. This is especially helpful if your home has oversized or projection windows, like bay or bow windows. Some manufacturers even offer specialty styles for those looking for a custom window shape or grille design.

#2 – Vinyl Windows are Bad for the Environment

Vinyl windows do contain a toxic substance called dioxin but it is only found in trace amounts. The levels of dioxin are so minimal, experts agree vinyl windows have no adverse effects on the environment. Vinyl is also recyclable. Rather than ending up in a landfill, recycled vinyl windows can be reused which reduces waste and pollution.

#3 – Vinyl Windows are Poor Quality

Vinyl windows are a very affordable alternative to windows made from traditional materials like wood or aluminum. However, many people confuse affordable with cheap or poor quality. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Expensive doesn’t always mean better, after all. Vinyl windows were produced with the intention of providing consumers with a more cost-effective window option. So, while they’re certainly less expensive, the benefits of vinyl windows often outweigh those of higher priced windows.

#4 – Vinyl Windows are Highly Flammable

Installing vinyl windows in your home can reduce the risk of fire hazards. Unlike wood, which is more likely to catch fire and retain it, vinyl does not burn easily. Made from non-combustible elements, vinyl is a thick and rigid material. If it does catch fire, the vinyl will actually extinguish itself.

#5 – Vinyl Windows Won’t Save You Any Money

There are many ways installing vinyl windows in your home will save you money. Vinyl windows are low maintenance and can last up to 40 years. Their longer lifespan reduces costs associated with buying replacement windows. In addition, vinyl windows are energy efficient. By preventing drafts and retaining heated or cooled air, your HVAC system has to work less hard. The result is a reduction in energy bills, which can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their annual energy expenses.

Finally, investing in vinyl windows can make it easier to you sell your down the road. The benefits of vinyl windows are very appealing to buyers. According to recent real estate reports, homes with vinyl windows are selling at a higher price than those without.

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