8 Deck Accessories to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

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8 Deck Accessories to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Looking for ways to enhance your outdoor space? These eight deck accessories are the perfect way to do it!


A pergola creates a stunning focal point on your deck while also adding protection from the sun. Have neighbors close by? For added privacy, close off one side of the pergola with a trellis or slatted wall.


For those who want to enjoy their outdoor space well into the night, there are an array of lighting options to make a deck more functional for nighttime use. Lights built into stairs and posts not only look visually appealing but reduce the risk of falls. Different types of lights can change the atmosphere of your outdoor space, too. Choose string lights for a fun, festive atmosphere or lanterns for a more sophisticated feel. The options are endless!

Built-in Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Is there anything better than a summer night spent outside relaxing around a fire? Whether opting for a full-on fireplace or keeping it simple with a built-in fire pit, this trending deck accessory isn’t going away any time soon. No matter which option you choose, a built-in fire feature creates visual interest and is an accessory that will let you enjoy your outdoor space even as the weather turns cooler.

Drink Rails and Bar Seating

Your deck is a prime place for entertaining and incorporating a drink rail will take your hosting game to the next level. You’ll love the extra space it creates just as much as your guest will love pulling up a bar stool during your next get together!

Built-in Grills

It’s safe to say summer and grilling go hand-in-hand, so a built-in grilling station is a must-have deck accessory for any grill master! Typically built into a stone structure, an outdoor grilling station keeps essential items right at your fingertips while creating much-needed counter space. What better way to enjoy a warm summer evening than with a freshly grilled meal and a cold drink out on the deck?


Accessorizing your outdoor space with an all-weather area rug not only looks nice but also helps clearly define separate spaces like a dining area and lounging space. Plus, the added texture of the rug prevents things from being tracked indoors.

Deck Furniture

You want your deck to be the go-to place for relaxing, right? Attractive and comfortable deck furniture is a must! When selecting outdoor furniture, it’s always wise to choose materials that will stand up to the climate you live in. If the weather is frequently hot and dry, avoid wood furniture which will crack and splinter. For windy climates, be wary of furniture made with aluminum frames as windy days can cause lightweight tables and chairs to go flying.

Flower Boxes and Planters

A simple way to upgrade your outdoor space is to add flowers and greenery. Hang flower boxes from deck railings and fill them with brightly colored flowers or turn them into a mini-herb garden. Hanging baskets are a quick fix when it comes to softening up the sides of covered decks while potted plants can be interchanged with the seasons.

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