Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Yanish Custom Exteriors can replace, repair, or install new garage doors for commercial and residential clients. Like many home improvement projects, garage doors are installed for more than just function—they also add curb appeal and can serve as a unique element of your home or business. Our team collaborates with you to create a plan that fits your needs in both function and design. 

Our Process

Our process begins with you. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of professionalism and quality craftsmanship, maintaining original quotes and creating custom roofing solutions that fit your design needs. Our team keeps you informed from start to finish—there are no surprises working with Yanish. We honor our commitments, paying close attention to detail and mapping out each step ahead of time to ensure all promises are kept. From new deck construction to full remodels, our process is designed to bring your vision to life.

Residential Garage Door Design

Modern home design often includes garages as an attachment to living areas on the front or side of the house. Regardless of your home’s size, garage doors are a larger element of the facade compared to, for instance, exterior doors. This makes them a great design opportunity. Curb appeal makes your home more attractive—to yourself, your guests, and even potential buyers should you decide to sell your house. Here are a few ways your garage door can improve curb appeal:

  • Harmony
    Whether you’re remodeling the entire exterior of your home or focusing only on the garage door, there is great potential to unify aspects of design. For instance, exterior doors (especially front doors) and garage doors can complement one another.
  • Texture
    Designers use texture to create a new feel for a look. If you’re envisioning a more traditional appearance, wood can bring elements of rusticity and nature. For modern looks, the sleek characteristics of metals like steel or aluminum can do the trick.
  • Contrast
    Contrast applies to both color and texture, and it unifies the character of a home through balance. A careful blend of dark and light colors, rugged and smooth textures, or modern and traditional characteristics across your home’s exterior allows its depth and definition to shine.
  • Originality
    A fundamental aspect of design, originality invites your house to stand out. A garage door allows you to express uniqueness as an accent to larger-scale parts of the exterior like siding.