How to Fix Drafty Doors

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How to Fix Drafty Doors

Whether your home is just a few years old or a hundred, it’s not immune to air leaks. Drafts occur because there are gaps in the home’s construction, and the unsealed opening allows air to seep through. These openings can be found in windows, doors, and attics, among other places. Not only do these openings have an impact on your heating and cooling bills, but they can also allow critters and moisture into your home. Here’s how to prevent drafts in your home’s doors to make it more comfortable to live in, lower energy bills, and protect it from outside forces.

Preventing Drafts in Exterior Doors

Next to windows, doors are the most common source of drafts in the home. As the most used door in the house, it’s safe to say your home’s entry door will experience some wear and tear. As time goes on, the door’s weatherstripping will begin to deteriorate, and gaps may occur around the edges. While replacing the door altogether will likely eliminate any drafts, there are some more budget-friendly alternatives you can try first.

Re-Caulk Around the Doorway

Over time, the caulking around exterior doors can begin to crumble or peel away. Taking the time to re-caulk around the doorway can have a significant impact on preventing drafts. Buy a few tubes of exterior caulking and re-caulk any areas around the casing that look worn.

Use Foam Tape

Foam tape is an excellent solution when drafts are caused by warped doors. Doors that have experienced even the slightest bit of warping no longer have a true, snug fit. In that case, highly-sticky foam tape is the perfect weather-proofing alternative—and it’s easy to use! Simply cut the tape to size and secure it in place to block out drafts.

Install a New Door Sweep

The door sweep weatherproofs an exterior door using a small piece of plastic or rubber that’s attached to a strip fitted across the bottom of the door. Like other door materials, a door sweep can wear out over time, and replacing it may be just what you need to prevent drafts. Consult an expert at your local hardware store to find the right door sweep for you. To make sure the door sweep fits properly, measure the length of the door while it’s closed. Then, cut the door sweep to the correct size.

Use a Door Snake

Investing in a door snake, which is a weighted fabric tube, can provide a quick fix for drafts. The best part? These little tubes are easy to DIY. Look for a tutorial on YouTube or Pinterest. If you’re not crafty or are in a pinch, just roll up a towel and place it in front of the door.

Preventing Drafts In the Garage Door

Not many people give much thought to their garage door when it comes to preventing drafts. However, a garage door is helpful beyond reducing outside noise and protecting the garage interior from outside elements. It also plays a crucial role in regulating your home’s temperature. While new homes often have insulated garage doors, many older homes do not. If your home has the latter, consider replacing it with a new insulated door or purchase a DIY garage door insulation kit. It’s also a great idea to inspect the garage door damage a few times a year and make repairs as necessary.

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