Preparing Your Siding for Winter

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Preparing Your Siding for Winter

Make sure your siding is secure before it starts to snow! When moisture creeps in between siding during the winter, it can create mold problems during the spring melt. It can be easy to overthink this, but some simple checking can prevent a lot of damage down the road. No matter what material your siding is made of, it is always good to take preventative measures. 

Here are 5 things to check for when it comes to preparing your siding for winter. 

  1. Cracks, gaps, and splits. These issues are pretty noticeable to the naked eye. Keep watch for these issues periodically as they can become more damaged as the temperature continues to drop. 

  2. Weak areas. Weak areas are any issues that damage the integrity of siding, like a bend from wind or dent from hail. If a weak area is spotted, call Yanish right away to come fix it. If possible, you want to fix this before the snow starts to fall. 

  3. Pest infestations. Your siding is the perfect place for a tiny critter to burrow into during the cold months. Before the temperature drops, make sure there are no noticeable gaps where they could enter. It is equally important to check for any infestation when it starts to warm back up as well. 

  4. Expansion. This happens when there is a rapid change in temperature. The siding can become weak and in turn, the siding expands and moisture can creep in. 

  5. Discoloration. Moisture usually will start to discolor your siding. This can happen from rain, snow, or hail. Any place of discoloration is a clear identifier of a problem area. 

Water and moisture damage is always risky business. The damage can severely compromise a building’s structural integrity if left unchecked. This is especially true when it leads to wood rot, which welcomes its own unique set of issues. Repair costs rack up quickly, so it’s worth taking preventative measures to ensure your home is as water-resistant as possible!

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Your siding is exposed to the elements all year long and experiences a lot of wear and tear. Make sure your siding is looking good and integrally sound by performing simple, annual checks for these five issues – it could save you a ton of future time and money. 

We are the siding experts. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our team today!

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