Reasons to Invest in Renovations Before Selling

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Reasons to Invest in Renovations Before Selling

Home renovations are a great investment for those who are planning on selling their home and making a return on investment. Billions of dollars are spent every year on home improvement projects. But the problem is, we are seeing more homeowners fall into the trap of unnecessary home improvement projects. As a result, they actually end up losing money when it is time to sell their homes. 

Why should you renovate before selling?

Making changes you can enjoy for years to come is one thing, but spending money on home improvement projects right before you sell your home is another. Choose the right type of renovation project and it will increase the value of your home when you are ready to sell. 

But before you go all in on renovations, learn what buyers are looking for and how to get the value from your investment.

Making smart investments with Yanish Custom Exteriors 

Windows, doors, and siding are going to be the most common renovations you see when homeowners are preparing to sell their homes. At Yanish Custom Exteriors, we carry a wide range of products to fit all of our customers’ needs. We offer energy-efficient, high-quality products that are ideal for any budget. 


We offer a full line of stock and custom window options. Windows are one of the most important features of a home as they have a direct impact on energy efficiency.  At Yanish Custom Exteriors, we also provide window installation services. If you already have your windows but need them installed, we can help.


We provide new and replacement doors for your entry or patio. Click here to see all of our door types and color options that we provide. Our professional installers ensure your doors are properly installed to ensure energy efficiency and home security. 


New siding can transform your home’s appearance, improve its energy efficiency, and make it last for future tenants. Yanish provides custom solutions for various siding options. Our goal is to make sure the siding fits your needs.

Garage Doors 

Garage doors are a door that can make you money. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your home, a garage door can end up putting more money back into your pocket. Many homeowners tend to overlook the impact a well installed and insulated garage door can have on your energy bill. A garage is typically not temperature controlled, so it is the easiest way for cool air to escape your home in the summer and warm air in the winter. If your garage door is old and not properly installed or sealed, it may be time to consider a new one. 

Also, realtors often point to a new garage door as a way to sell your home faster and at a higher listing price. So if you are looking to move soon, a new garage door could be a smart investment that pays huge dividends.

Don’t forget about the exterior 

The interior of your home can be stunning but if the outside doesn’t look the part, this will turn away potential buyers. 

Eye-catching curb appeal makes your home more attractive—to yourself, your guests, and potential buyers. A little can go a long way when it comes to making updates on the outside of your home. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to enhance the value of your home.

Only fix what’s broken and don’t go overboard

How do you know what home improvement projects are the right investment before selling?

The key to making a return on investment is to focus on fixing problems that will push potential buyers away. Functionality and then aesthetics should be the order of priority for choosing what renovations are needed before selling. 

It is easy to get carried away while working on home improvement projects. Remember that you are planning on selling the house, not staying in it. At the end of the day, you want to make your money back after selling your home. If you go overboard with home improvement projects, this won’t be possible. Fix what is necessary, not everything on your dream list. 

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