Sims Lutheran Church

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Sims Lutheran Church

Sims Lutheran Church

Yanish works on several projects each week—some for homes, and others for businesses and community spaces. Last month we had the opportunity to do a siding project for Sims Lutheran Church, a small county church near Almont, ND. It is the oldest Lutheran church in North Dakota west of the Missouri River.

Scandinavian immigrants of Sims, Dakota Territory established the church in 1884, which has now served as harbor of faith for over 120 years. To begin the latest task of a century’s worth of upkeep, the Yanish team carefully removed its existing siding. Miller Insulation then reinsulated the walls to sustain warmth even through North Dakota’s frigid winters.

The next step was to install White Rollex Steel Siding. With each piece cut and measured to precision, we finalized the exterior. We were told that the old parish house is supposedly haunted by the “Grey Lady Ghost”, but we never ran into her. Our crew used a boom lift to complete the steeple.

Volunteers spent over 2,000 hours restoring the historic site in 2006, and it is still used today. The Sims Lutheran Church showcases the ability to preserve history through generations of care and quality maintenance—and we are proud to contribute to its state today.

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