When to Replace the Windows in your House

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When to Replace the Windows in your House

Whether you’re listening or not, your windows are telling you something. They voice their condition through visual and functional details. Although predicting the lifespan of a new window is impossible, it’s easy to evaluate how well one is holding up in your home. Let’s take a look at the most common signs that a window needs a replacement.

  • Fog or frost builds on the glass.
    • Condensation usually signals a leak somewhere in your window. Check the junctions between the frame, the wall, and the glass or vinyl for a broken seal. If the problem area is small, you may be able to use sealant to fix the problem. But if it extends beyond an isolated leak, you will likely need to replace the window.
  • The frame is warped.
    • If your window won’t open, looks damaged, or has become drafty, the frame could be warped. This might also be a major culprit of condensation. Warped frames are almost always worth replacement over repair—even if you can fix them for the short term, they’ll likely cause more problems later on.
  • Your energy bill is rising.
    • There is a good chance that faulty windows are contributing to a rising energy bill. However, it’s important to make a thorough inspection to ensure that this is the case before committing to replacements.
  • Previous repairs have failed.
    • When repairs haven’t done the trick, it’s probably a good time for a replacement. It will cost less in the long term to maintain a functional window than to keep fixing a failing one, especially in harsh climates.
  • You want to update the appearance of your home.
    • Windows can open up the interior spaces of your house and add new design elements to the exterior. If you consider installing new windows, you can rearrange their placement or combine smaller windows into larger ones to brighten rooms and modernize your style.
  • You’re planning to sell your home soon.
    • Energy efficiency is a major variable in the cost of maintaining a home. Updated windows are a good selling point in terms of maintenance costs and typically have a substantial return on investment. If your windows are already in worse shape than average, this is especially important.

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